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IF STEM: Creativity and Innovation-The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

IF STEM: Creativity and Innovation-The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

Do you want to be an entrepreneur, but you don’t know where to start? Ever wonder how people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or even Thomas Edison got their good ideas? In this course, we teach you how to access your inner creative genius to find and create great ideas that can become the beginnings of your entrepreneurial career! This curriculum has been modified from a course taught at Brigham Young University where it remains in the top 3 elective courses on campus. The skills and principles this course helps you develop have made several college students entrepreneurs who have won thousands of dollars in funding in local competitions. The curriculum is backed by award-winning research-proven to help you become a more creative and more innovative individual. We guarantee this will help you with your next big idea.


  • What it takes to think and act like an innovator
  • The innovation process in gathering ideas from the real-world
  • How to build your own prototypes to showcase to your family, friends, and the community
  • The skills and tools you can use for the rest of your life in any career you pursue


  • Prototypes of solutions to problems you find
  • A pitch presentation for your ideas
  • A creative process routine that can be replicated in everyday life


  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Problem-finding and Problem-solving
  • Design and Prototype
  • Perseverance, Initiative, Money management
  • Collaboration & Adaptability
  • And more…


  • Anything you want to do
  • Own your own company


  • PC: Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac: OSX 10.7 or higher
  • Yes, Chromebook compatible

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