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THE IF ACADEMY is a 501c3 NPO focusing on the use of Technology and Computer Sciences to provide:
    1. Community Development
    2. Virtual STEM Academy
    3. Camps, School Clubs & After-school Programs
    4. Entrepreneur/Mentoring Programs
    5. SAT/ACT/High School Equivalency Courses
  • Does The IF Academy require all of its Faculty, Staff and Volunteers to maintain a clear Background Check and is this NPO fully insured?

    Yes to both questions. Most often Faculty, Staff or Volunteers are current educators or local college and university students and documentation regarding insurance is available upon request from [email protected], Attention: Board of Directors.

  • What is this organization's policy on COVID-19?

    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Georgia Department of Public Health has developed several assets to inform and educate Georgians on ways they can protect themselves and others to help slow the spread of COVID-19. For Prevention, we are adhering and complying to The GA DPH guidelines as well as advocating Contact Tracing.

  • What is The IF Academy's Virtual STEM Academy?

    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The IF Academy offers an option for training and programming to continue acquiring skills, reskill or upskill in STEM. The IF STEM Virtual Academy has 21 different courses designed to train and provide activities in STEM virtually anywhere and at your own pace.

  • What is the policy regarding refunds?

    Please discuss refund situations with the Site Director of the location payment was received. The Idea Farm Academy, Inc. operates as a Social Enterprise/501c3, therefore, refunds are done on case by case basis and most often are contingent upon the situation involving the participant.

  • Does your organization provide opportunities to volunteer/accept charitable donations?

    The IF Academy accepts financial donations and in-kind support. Support our efforts and initiatives by pressing the Donate button. The IF Academy provides opportunities for volunteering and community service hours (The IF Academy does not offer opportunities for Court Appointed community services due to insurance limitations). Please Contact The IF Academy to discuss significant donations and support. We are currently seeking Financial Support to hire locally for Staffing and Resource contributions of PCs, tablets and laptops as donations for participants of The IF Academy Virtual STEM Academy and our other programs.

  • Does The IF Academy pay for Study Trips and Excursions?

    Study Trips and Excursions for The IF Academy have been postponed due to COVID-19. However, under normal conditions and in most cases, study trips must be purchased by campers before payment deadline if costs are associated with excursion. However, some excursions may be subsidized by donors and will be free of charge for Chaperones, Volunteers, Staff, Participants and campers. Payment obligations will be expressed in writing in advance regarding STE(A)M based excursions.

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